can't pin me down

full moon in pisces - september 2019

it isn’t easy to have a dream.

dreams can feel like soft, tender, vulnerable little things that we need to nurture, protect, and maybe even keep hidden.

but in order to move them from our hearts to the world, we have to let them go.

we have to own that we had a desire, a dream, a want.

this is not as easy as it sounds.

but once we acknowledge that not only do we have desires, wants, dreams, we have to honor those dreams with support.

this is the magic of nesting, broadly speaking. preparing a space for your dream to live.

maybe you prepare by literally making space - cleaning out closets, getting rid of things that you’ve outgrown, cleaning spaces that have gotten a little dusty. and maybe it’s a little less literal, crying the tears you’ve been holding on to, saying the words you’ve meant to, letting go of the leaves that are ready to drop. and maybe you prepare by building the structures that your dream needs to thrive: a new workout challenge, less sugar and more kale, more sleep, more fun, better boundaries.

the trick is that: the preparation is part of the magic. the dream begins before it arrives. how you live with your dream before it is earthside is the chance for you to get to know it before everyone else has access. what a delicious, lovely, important time.

journalKaty Peplin