can't pin me down

how can i support my nervous system? : four of wands

when do you celebrate things? when do you take breaks? when do you give yourself some pure, no strings attached fun?

when i think about things that support my nervous system, i am almost always drawn to things that are quiet, nurturing, introspective.


a long walk in the forest by myself.

an hour to read my book in a car where no one can get me.

it isn't that i don't like to do fun things, but there's a part of me that feels like i have to earn fun. fun is a reward. fun comes at the end of things. fun is the birthday party at the end of making it through the year - it isn't a party on a random tuesday, right?

i spend a lot of time thinking about goals. in my working life, i help students set realistic goals, and figure out how to measure their progress, and learn when they need to re-evaluate.

one thing that we do in one of the networks i run is a thread called "weekly wins" - you have to pick something, every week, that you're celebrating, big or small.

getting through everything on your to do list

eating all the vegetables in your fridge before they go bad

getting to the halfway mark on a project

a whole week keeping up with your bedtime

i think we underestimate the power of a little fun, a celebration, a pat on the back in the middle of the process - on a random tuesday - when you need a little pick me up.

it soothes the nervous system to go a little bananas and make an ice cream cake with the words "you did it". it supports you to make your victories public, to make them known to yourself, at the very least.

you're allowed to celebrate when you're in the middle. it does your soul good to build in a little fun and joy into your day even when (especially when) you're in progress.

we're always in progress. so have the fun when the fun presents itself.