can't pin me down

where am i being asked to ground and center: six of pentacles

energy in, energy out.

when you give your energy, someone or something receives it. when you receive energy, someone or something gave it. each is a two part exchange, and ideally, we're giving what we're able and receiving what we need.

how often do we hit that ideal flow, though?


there are some seasons where we have to give a lot. people need us, a project needs us, a situation or a community. and there are times when we have needs and it is our time to receive. we are held up by the support of others.

and for many of us, it's much easier to give continually than it is to receive even a little. for me, this is definitely true for me. i struggle with feeling inadequate, needy, broken, vulnerable when i need support.

i try to remember, this card is asking me to rmember, that exchange can flow both ways, needs to flow both ways. it might serve my ego, my sense of myself to go out of my way to give, serve, support, be there for everyone else. it is part of my identity to be a helper, a caretaker, a person that people can rely on. it makes me feel good to give what i have.

and every time i refuse the help or support of other people, i deny people the ability to feel good as well. i reinforce the idea that it's wrong to need help.

the exchange has to be equal, at least overall. and this month, this card is telling me that i have an opportunity to check in with the exchange. am i open to flowing both ways? am i letting myself receive just as much as i give? am i interrogating when that feels hard to do? am i intentionally blocking the flow, or riding it where it leads?

giving what i have. being real about what i need. letting it all move both ways, trusting that it makes all of us richer.

This month, Iā€™m writing every day as part of the Tarot for the Underworld challenge, hosted by Lindsay Mack of Tarot for the Wild Soul and Amy Kuretsky of Breathwork for Business Babes. See more on Instagram!