Individual Coaching

Pricing and Services for Katy Peplin Coaching


Pricing + Services


I'm committed to providing a range of pricing options and tiers of support to graduate students. 



1 on 1 Coaching

Work with me 1 on 1 to improve your productivity, manage your time more effectively, build in more healthy and sustainable habits, and accomplish your goals, personal and professional. Book a free consultation first to make sure we're a good fit!

3 Session Package - $150

6 Session Package - $275

12 Session Package - $550

Accountability Emails

Don't want to commit to coaching but would still like some accountability ? I'll email you (at the frequency you want!) to check how things are going, offer suggestions, and nag you if you want.  Emails will ask about your successes, blocking issues, and goals for the next check-in and function as a great way to reflect and self-monitor, with the added benefit of a coach's suggestions.

12 pack - $40

24 pack - $70


Keep me on track!

Looking for something to make your deadlines feel real again? The Keep Me on Track Package is designed to be a quick, 15 minute call to talk about your deadlines, so that you can't hide quite as easily. Included are six 15-minute check in calls, scheduled at your pace where we meet, talk about your work, how it's going, and make plans for how to move forward. Low impact coaching with someone who cares about your progress, but also can help you reset if things get off the rails. 

6 15-minute calls - $99

developmental editing

Variable Rates. I love editing. I imagine other people's work as a puzzle, and my job as putting it together, maybe in a new way, to help you say what you need to say in the most clear, compelling way possible. I was an impossibly slow grader because I was essentially editing as I graded. I just can't resist a good, buried argument - I need to bring it out. 

But an outside editor is a commitment. Maybe you need to run a draft by someone before your advisor sees it. Maybe you have a really quick turnaround and need it faster than anyone can get it to you. Contact me for more information and a quote.