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Graduate school wasn't easy for me. It was hard to balance my academic work, my diverse professional interests, and my well-being. I taught myself how to be productive, be healthy, and to meet my goals. I want to help others live whole and balanced lives during graduate school and beyond. 


My Mission

I want to make graduate school a more humane process. In my experience, students are accepted to graduate programs and are expected to walk a fine (and ever-shifting) line between student and colleague with little to no training on how to handle the pressures of the job. I pieced together support from a variety of places on campus, online, and from other students in order to build a set of skills to write quickly, teach effectively, and build my portfolio of skills for a wide range of career opportunities. I want to fill that gap in training, supporting students through one-on-one coaching, courses, workshops, and blog to empower students to build these skills as they complete their degrees. 

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What I Specialize In

  • Fitting writing into busy schedules of teaching, work, and personal obligations
  • Restarting after time away from writing
  • Working effectively with advisors and committees 
  • Setting healthy routines, focusing on wellness and sustainability
  • Managing mental health and neurodiversity in graduate school
  • Preparing for a diverse range of career options after graduate school
  • Developmental editing, proofreading and formatting of work for publication
  • Improving teaching, from syllabus prep to meeting with students

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My Blog

I write about all aspects of graduate student life to share skills, tools, and research in the hopes of making your life a little bit easier. I am committed to maintaining a high-quality, useful blog so that everyone can access this information regardless of financial resources. 

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My Work

Learn more about me as a person and as a coach. See what makes me qualified to help you. 


Katy has the confident expertise of someone who has spent years studying and practicing this kind of work, combined with the flexibility and desire to hear your ideas and goals and pivot her coaching accordingly.

— ABD PhD Candidate, Dissertation Expected in Fall 2018


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