Under the Thrive PhD banner, I'm thrilled to start offering courses. The first, Jumpstart! is open and enrolling now. 

If you have a project that's hanging over your head, that you feel a twinge (or worse!) in your stomach when you think about it, then jumpstart! is for you. No matter where you are in the academic pipeline - from grad student to administrator - we can all use help in shifting what we believe about our work, our schedules, and our self-worth. 

Jumpstart! is four weeks of exercises, with downloads and videos every week - make no mistake, this is a high-powered, high intensity way to dig in to your blocks, and find sustainable ways around them. 

For learn more, see a sample lesson, and enroll, click here. 

Future courses:

  • Mindfulness for Academics
  • Reading Effectively
  • Schedules that Work