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Thrive PhD Testimonials: Get Work Done

The folks in Thrive have been really great. They've cheered me on the good days and offered support on the not-so-good days. I really look forward to the Work Together sessions and they have definitely helped me to get work done on days when I've been struggling.

I'm so glad I joined Thrive. It's a very cost-effective way to get some coaching and support from peers who are experiencing similar things, and can offer suggestions based on what they've seen and heard, and what has worked for them. Plus, Katy offers excellent advice and since she's not someone who is directly involved in my graduate program, it feels less threatening. I'm able to implement the suggestions I think might work for me, and tailor others that might not be as ideal.

The daily encouragement and check-ins from my group members, along with the support, encouragement, and gifs from Katy are a really nice source of support as I go through this stressful (sometimes very lonely) PhD process!