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Thrive PhD Testimonials: People who Care about My Success

Thrive and Katy have dramatically transformed my PhD experience. Graduate school can be super isolating, and I was nervous because I was starting Thrive as I was moving away from campus and I knew that I wouldn’t be seeing my peers every day. Through Thrive, I’ve found a wonderful community and I am in touch every day with people who care about my success.

I feel really supported every day, and I know that people will notice if I don’t check in. Having that level of support has been absolutely incredible. It’s the unique combination of support through knowing that there are others going through the same things as me and the specific strategies and tips shared in the curriculum that has made the difference for me.

The first three years of graduate school were really tough for me, and I knew that I needed to seek out additional resources to strengthen my emotional fortitude. The culture of my department is very performance-oriented, and it’s not common to share failures or struggles. I love that Thrive is not just a place for PhD students to complain, but rather it is a supportive network that provides concrete action steps to help each member be successful. Because of Thrive and the strategies I learned, I am learning how to work around my perfectionistic tendencies and I am happy that I just submitted a draft of my dissertation to proposal to my advisor. I can’t recommend it enough!