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#AcWriMo2018 - Let's see where we can get, together.

I have always been very intimidated by #NaNoWriMo - or National Novel Writing Month (you can read more about it here!) because it’s a LOT of words in a short amount of time. And over the years, I’ve watched and not participated in various version of #AcWriMo or Academic Writing Month because I was intimidated. Academic writing has always felt sticky to me and I just didn’t know if I’d be able to keep up a certain word count every day.

But, now I’m a coach and I work with grad students every day and I know a few things:

  1. Sometimes having an “artificial” start date for a new habit can be really effective.

  2. Sometimes having a stretch goal that you have to work for can be energizing, especially if it doesn’t last forever.

  3. I can make the rules!

So, here are all the details about #AcWriMo2018, my style! And did I mention, it’s free???

  • Sign up for the list so you don’t miss a single update, resource, or tool!

  • Declare your goal, how you’ll measure it, and the reward you’re working towards for the month of November! There will be a spreadsheet if you’d like to declare your goal publicly, and I’m going to try and figure out a way to make graphs and charts to measure your progress.

  • Take advantage of the 3 webinars, all live and free to watch on Youtube:

    • On November 1st, at 1 pm EDT, join me to talk about goal setting - and how to set a realistic goal for the month that is based in your real life, not your fantasy of what you could do (which, spoiler alert, is usually more anxiety than fantasy anyway!)

    • On November 15th, at 1 pm EDT, join me to talk about how to keep up the pace, or reset after a set back, because hey, life happens!

    • On November 30th at 1 pm EDT, we’ll gather together to feel REALLY good about what we’ve accomplished, and talk about how to translate the lessons from an intense month of work into a more sustainable every day pace.

  • Use the tools in resources in emails sent every Monday! Sign up here to get them!

  • Join us in the #AcWriMo2018 slack channel - we’ll share resources, cheer each other on, and there will be a channel where you can do poms with other people! They’ll be starting at the top and bottom (:00 and :30) of every hour - so just say that you’re working, and hop on!

  • Join me on Twitter for Shut Up and Write sessions (#SUAW) on Tuesdays at 11 am EDT, and Thursdays at 9 am EDT - sign up for reminders for those sessions here (and those will keep going after November, too!)

  • Post about your progress on Instagram, Twitter, or wherever else using the tag #AcWriMo2018!

This is designed to be as inclusive as possible - so participate in some of the parts, or all of them! Use a pseudonym if it makes you feel more comfortable! Set a goal as general as “move forward every day” and as specific as “100 words on my dissertation every day”!

I’m excited to see what we can do when we set aside a month to focus on moving forward, and what we’ll learn about what we can do!

Want in? Sign up here!