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Friday Fun: 3 Yoga Poses For Stretch Breaks

I have to constantly remind myself that I have a body and a brain. Especially when I'm in heavy writing seasons, I tend to stay at my desk and then stand up hours later, confused and sore. Building stretches into my pom breaks (or alternating email/Twitter checks with stretch breaks) helped me stay a little bit less tense while at my desk. Here are three videos to walk you through some of my favorite poses - all are well explained and I've included a variety of bodies so hopefully there's a pose that works for you! 

Standing Forward Fold

More than just touching your toes, this can really help release tension in the back of the legs and lower back. 

Child's Pose

Like the demonstrator in this video, I used to hate child's pose but have come to appreciate it for its "reset button" energy. This video shows a number of useful modifications and prop uses to accommodate different bodies on different days. 

Chair Yoga Sequence

If you're in a location where you can use your chair for your yoga practice, and have 10 minutes - this sequence is amazing for releasing a little tension and stretching your muscles. This is also designed to be accessible for a variety of bodies, and stays completely in the chair.