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Friday Fun: First Draft of a New Workspace

Well, it took me all of two weeks but I did make some moves to get myself out of couch office and into an actual workspace. If you missed it, I filmed a "tour" of my office spaces, such as they are, and talked a little about how my space was and wasn't functional. After our inspiring #MindfulPhD chat, I was inspired to move into the small space adjoining our shared office. But first, some things that I noticed during these weeks of heightened awareness of my spaces.

  • If the choice is between a non-ideal workspace (like couch office) and not working, it is preferable to pick the non-ideal space. A million different things can impact my energy and desire for work, and I often found myself striking the bargain: "you don't have to work at your desk but you do have to work." 
  • I will gravitate to the place of least resistance. If I have to unplug my charger, and move it somewhere else, that is often a big enough barrier to stop me from working somewhere. Hopefully leaving my charger in my new office will prevent long term stays in couch office. 
  • I wasn't so much craving separate spaces for my work and creative pursuits as I was craving space that was just mine. It felt great to move things around in my new space and not check with anyone - enough so that I don't even mind that I'll use the same long desk for journaling, working, and art-type things. 

And without further ado, here it is! 

I have a lot of stuff and am bad at organizing.

I'm really happy with it as a first draft, especially considering that at the midpoint of this process, it looked like this. 

I was also proud that I spent exactly $0 dollars to do this, and just remixed things I found around the house. It did involve me relocating my husband and his stuff, so it wasn't without a cost in terms of negotiation and cost, but both of us are hopeful that this will contain the spread of my belongings into the shared spaces of the house. Now, to get the cats to visit me in here.