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Friday Fun

I'm kicking off a series of Friday posts where I link to things I'm reading, things you might find useful, or just general fluffy content. Everyone needs a break, let me help you take one!

Came across this story about a brave undergraduate student who pushed back when she felt that her Sociology professor was grossly simplifying/misstating the effects of slavery on family units. A potent reminder that we need to constantly learn from our students, and not rest on "our politics" to absolve us of privilege checking. 

I am very attached to Moyo, the baby rhino at the St. Louis Zoo. Watch him practice charging at his toy, despite not having a horn yet. I'm sure you're already aware of Fiona, baby hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo. It's a great time of year for adorably small animals. 

One of my personal goals for the month of June is to do something creative for 15 minutes a day. Most days that means I'm trying to sketch a flower, thanks to the awesome Botanical Line Drawing. I am not a naturally gifted sketcher or doodler, so the step by step drawings, that are dark enough for me to trace if I needed to, make this satisfying and not frustrating. Plus, less time consuming than coloring! 

Wishing you all a great weekend, full of whatever ratio of rest and productivity suits you at this time! 

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Katy Peplin