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Friday Fun - GBBO, Flag Cakes, Notebooks!

Welcome back to another edition of Friday Fun, which is more accurately this week: things I was looking at, watching, or daydreaming about instead of being super focused #evencoacheshavefocusproblems :) 

PBS is airing episodes of The Great British Bakeoff (or Baking Show, depending on your Americanization) on Friday nights, and I've never been so grateful for a DVR. Three past seasons of the show are up on Netflix, but there's nothing like fresh (well, sort of, these played in the UK last summer) episodes to get me all excited about raising agents, sponge, jam, and gluten development. But seriously, this article on Vox nails the appeal: 

It becomes an almost meditative viewing experience; the outcomes vary, but the rhythms are the same, and the small tricks of editing — knowledgeable asides, shots of the tranquil park and wildlife outside, supportive smiles between bakers — are designed to soothe. There’s a sense of acceptance in these nearly impossible challenges. Something will go wrong. Nothing will ever be perfect. That’s all right; everyone’s fine, and the bake goes on.

I also wouldn't say no to someone purchasing me the cookbook.....everyone would be welcome for as much sponge and scones as they could handle! 

Speaking of baking, the upcoming national holidays for many of our North American friends has me daydreaming about flag cakes, the glorious, kitschy, surprisingly delicious picnic fare of nearly all my childhood celebrations. I will only link to one American flag cake, because in my opinion, Ina Garten is the queen of all and if the cake is good enough for her, it is more than enough for me. But for our Canadian pals, options abound! This has the most beautiful strawberry Canadian flag I've ever seen. This one is fun and Jello based. They even put "cake" in scare quotes! This one has the flag built in!! 

If you caught my earlier post this week on Bullet Journalling, and feel compelled to get started on your own, or you just like window-shopping for school supplies, here's my favorite notebook and my favorite pens of all time. 

I have this notebook in Royal Blue, and I love it. There is a slight bit of bleed-through (ghosting, if you're in the biz) if I use a very heavy ink but overall, the pages are thick, the color is pleasing, the dots are regular and the cover holds up well to me throwing it in my bag haphazardly. 


I swear by Pilot pens - they never smudge, the line is ultra thin, the colors are pleasing, they aren't wildly expensive and last forever.