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2017 Mid-year Review + Free July Printable!

If I have one addiction, it is probably to buffalo wings (I just can't help myself, especially if they're crispy with a dry rub and there is blue cheese, even if I pay for it royally afterwards.) But if I have two addictions, the second is to goal setting. I like daily goals, I like weekly goals, I like monthly and yearly and ten yearly and lifetime goals. I love to read about goals and see other people's goals and try new systems of wording, and tracking, and reflecting on goals. This has spiraled into a deep appreciation of planners, journaling system, and then pens and markers and stickers and other things to make it pretty and sparkly. But even if you don't fall all the way down the goal rabbit hole, there are still many benefits to checking in on yourself from time to time. 

When working on my dissertation, it felt like there was one big goal (finish the thing) that was huge, impossible, and far away. And so I am sure I developed these other systems to make it more actionable, easier to digest, and so that I could celebrate and reward myself along the way, rather than waiting until the very end (although I celebrated then too!) But even if you aren't ready to commit to daily goals and reflection, stopping at certain intervals - the mid-point of the year, perhaps? - to see areas of growth and areas for improvement can be helpful in re-motivating you. 

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But not everyone's goals are the same - so I've created a blank, totally customizable mid-year review tool. Draw a picture of how you feel in 5 different areas of your life! List out all your accomplishments in different areas! Talk about what is going well and what could be going better! But take a minute to reflect on where you are, and where you want to go. New Year's Resolutions can feel equal parts horrible and helpful - all this pressure on the "fresh start" and all your hopes for a year that works for you. Checking in more regularly can help take some of the pressure off of that "one big check in" and let you celebrate all that is working. 

And in the interest of authenticity, and so you can see what it looks like in action, here is my completed mid-year review. The top of each box has what I feel like I've accomplished in that area since January, and the bottom (under the squiggle) are things I want to focus on in the back half of 2017. 

I hope you enjoy your 2017 Mid-year Review and have a great second half of 2017!