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Beta Testing - Grad Student Accountability Group

Quick post to share that I'm beta-testing a Grad Student Accountability group that's limited to 30 people but COMPLETELY FREE until Labor Day (September 4.) Email me at for more details or click here to sign up. We get started on July 5! 

What will it be? 

  • "Secret" social network where you can be as anonymous (or not) as you'd like
  • Weekday Check in posts to post your goals
  • Weekend summary posts to monitor your progress
  • Feedback from me and other students to help hold you accountable
  • Easy posting flow - post from your computer or your phone (iOS and Android apps)
  • No cheesy motivational quotes or fluff to read through - simple and streamlined

I'd love to see you there! Or not see you, if you'd like to be anonymous. 

**A quick note about anonymity - your email is needed to create an account but is completely hidden from other members and from me, the host. You can control how much information you share, although I can block members who are not good fits for the community (spammers, non-grad students, jerks, people who make the space unsafe, etc.)**