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Gratitude as daily practice + FREE Printable!

Something sort of magical happened in September. At the request of a client, I started adding a prompt on the daily work log that clients fill out daily: "What is one thing that you are grateful for?" The answers were beautiful, sometimes poetic, sometimes mundane, but never skipped (unlike other prompts about work!) Taking just a few seconds to focus on the good things, the things that are working, the things that support you, the small and mundane pleasures as well as the big accomplishments has a multitude of benefits. 

So in a month when so many are grinding towards the end of the semester, the end of the calendar year, in #AcWriMo challenges, or just working, I'm trying to support my own gratitude practices. Here are a few ways that you can use this blank Gratitude Calendar (a FREE printable, like I release every month, as a thank you :) ) 

  • Start every work session by writing down something you're grateful for.
  • Fill in your calendar when you're starting to drag during the workday, as a way to refocus and recenter. 
  • End your work day (or every day!) with writing down something you're grateful for to refocus on what is working, rather than what isn't. 
  • Theme the months! Focus on professional gratitude, then personal, then keep finding things to be grateful for the more you look!

But the practice of actually taking a second, every day, to be grateful, has the power to shift your thinking. No, it won't change your circumstances, or cure diseases, or end heartache, but it will allow you to see the full spectrum of your life more clearly. Stress has a tendency to focus our thoughts on what needs to be changed - gratitude practices counteract that to help you see the whole picture. Enjoy!