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Friday Fun: Three Smart #WithaPhD Colleagues to Follow!

One of the best things about being officially #altac and #lovingit is that I've got a whole new crew of smart, talented, hardworking people to get to know. Here are three people I think you should get to know - both because they all have really valuable things to say about the PhD experience, but because their careers and journeys in the #altac #withaPhD spaces are inspiring! 

  • Dr. Emily Roberts runs Personal Finance for PhDs where she works with individuals and Universities to help graduate students make the most of their stipends, understand taxes, and set themselves up for longstanding financial health. From tips to improve your financial health during the school year, to tax information like what on earth is a qualified educational expense, she shares so much valuable information while understanding that most graduate students are experiencing some level of financial stress. 
  • Dr. Daveena Tauber is the mastermind behind Scholar-Studioa consulting service centered around retention, equity, and success in higher education. I look to her often for advice on how to support neurodiverse students, or write an amazing literature review. She also has an incredibly valuable talk about being self-employed #withaPhD holder which I highly recommend! 
  • Dr. Jennifer Askey is the brains behind Energized Academicwhere she coaches academics and post-academics in early career hurdles, sustainable work-life balances, and big transitions. She's my first stop for great writing about big picture thinking - like this piece on sparking joy and saying no - and stay tuned, because we're working on something awesome for graduate students to launch in the new year. But in the meantime, she's starting to write about what it was like to leave tenure and start her own business, reminding me that I didn't stop being an intellectual the day I stepped off campus. 

I also highly recommend the #withaPhD community - there's a semi-regular Twitter chat and participating in that has been a great help with me starting to feel more connected and part of a community. It also would be really valuable, even as a lurker, to anyone considering diverse career options!