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Support Systems: Resources and Links - A #MindfulPhD Roundup

Thank you again for another fruitful #MindfulPhD chat! Rebecca, Natasha and I get just as much insight from them as we feel that we share information, and the topic of support systems has been a particularly fruitful topic. We know that not everyone can make the chats in real time, so here are the best of the ideas and resources shared! 

Find your team. 

The most common theme that came up in the chat was that a team of mentors, personal and professional, is the best way to support your grad school journey. Because everyone is busy, and everyone has a full and complex life, it only makes sense that having people on deck to advise you on specific topics, and not relying on any one person for everything, is the best strategy. 

  • I talk more about that here in my blog post, which also has a chart for you to brainstorm and see where your network might not be as robust as it could be. 
  • Dr. Jen Polk, of Beyond Prof fame, has long been a champion of informational interviews as a great way to meet people and network. I love her distinction in this article between informational interviewing, which you can do just as a data-collection exercise, and networking for a job, which can feel much more purpose driven. 
  • Dr. Katie Linder, wearer of many hats, talks about something even less formal than informational interviewing - just talking to people whose work you admire. There's even a helpful email template in there for reaching out, one of the hardest and most vulnerable steps of the whole process. 
  • Lynn Carroll is a career coach who specializes in career development for academics - and her newsletters are a rich resource for tips on LinkedIn and other networking tools. She helpfully provides 8 questions to ask (and one to avoid!) in informational interviews. 

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