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Friday Fun: Small Talk with PhDs

As a grad student, I lived in constant fear that people would ask me how my work was going in public and I would have to answer that question with words and not just this gif: 


So, if you're a grad student, or you have a grad student in your life, here are some fun questions to ask them instead of "how is your work coming?" or "how is the dissertation?" or "when do you graduate?"! 

Small talk questions for grad students!

  • Are you enjoying the weather?
  • What is your favorite coffee drink and why?
  • Who is your current YouTube animal obsession? 
  • What was the last weird thing you learned on Wikipedia?
  • What is your favorite pen? Do you keep backups? 
  • What is your dream pet? 
  • What snack food can you not get enough of? 
  • Do you prefer cold temperatures with a warm blanket or warm temperatures with a light blanket? 
  • What is your favorite browser extension? 
  • What is the most underrated television show in the last 20 years?
  • Which fictional character would you most like to hang out with for a day?
  • How skilled are you at taking care of houseplants?
  • What device, app, or website makes your life better on a daily basis? 
  • What's the last big or little win you've had?
  • What would you like to talk about? 

Enjoy conversing with your grad student without that look of panic in their eyes!