can't pin me down



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i think about a lot of different things.


i am changing all the time. it's scary and fun and challenging and amazing, and it's probably happening to you, too. i capitalize my words only sometimes. i often have rocks in my pockets to help remind me of important things, like taking deep breaths and not letting anxiety run away from me. usually quite a bit of cat fur around, because of my three lovely, sassy cats. i never know what to say in these bios that won't make me sound weird and paradoxical, and then it hit me: i am both of those things!

i've got a scientist brain (i love to run experiments like, 'will i feel better if i drink water every day?' and 'what happens to my mood when i stop eating foods that make me feel miserable?' and 'am i actually more focused during the work day when i have a planned list of things to do?') and a wild, open heart. i'm just as interested in high energy physics as i am in tarot. i think there are many different ways and languages and frameworks and systems for understand who we are and what we're here for and how to live a little more right here, right now. i love to read about how other people live in the world and organize their thoughts, memories, experiences, beliefs. we're all trying to figure out the answer to similar questions

but mostly, i'm just curious about everything. i have real harriet the spy energy. i'm really bad at working in coffeeshops because i can't stop myself from eavesdropping, and then becoming very invested in the lives of strangers. i am often wandering down streets thinking about the people who built the sewer system, and what the street looked like when they were planning, and what they imagined would live on top of that sewer system when what they built wore out, 50 or 100 years in the future. this curiousity led me to a phd in media studies, and now a career as a coach and community builder for graduate students.

and now, i want to know what my life would be like if i put some of the thoughts that i've been sharing with friends, posting on my instagram, and scribbling into my journal in a place that was a little more open. these aren't all my thoughts, obviously - my head is an overwhelming place, i imagine, for most people, including me - but they're ones that nudged me and said "you aren't as alone as you think you are." so here's to all my open faced sandwiches, trying to answer the questions and investigate the methods and be a little bit more here, every day. these are for you.


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